Martin-Ross Process Service


Unified Investigations

We have unified the process service industry by combining it with investigations and technology. This makes the process virtually automated allowing us to handle much of the workload.  

Licensed to Perform

Martin-Ross is fully-licensed by the State of Nevada to perform process service with a 100% compliance record over 15-years. With 5 investigators, we can handle any volume. We have spent well over a decade serving the Washoe County DA’s office as well as Family Support. Our experience runs deep and extends well beyond the borders of Nevada using some of the finest personnel available. 


Our retired law enforcement cadre have successfully served over 50,000 subpoenas using proven and consistent methods. For them it’s personal and a lot of pride goes into what they do.  

Flexible Process

Our team will provide 3-attempts as a standard before returning anything. However, if we find that the location is unfounded or it is clear from our research that the individual is no longer in this area, we will advise the client immediately thereby saving time and money. We can also broaden our search across our network partners throughout the US.  (Additional attempts can be added as well.) 

Information when you need it

 We have several databases to run locate information including LexisNexis, TLO and others. This allows our to refine the process making it more efficient and wasting less time.

Complete Accountability

 Documentation of the process is returned in a courtroom ready report the same day of service. This fully outlines the steps taken during the process and includes the locate reports, affidavit of service as well as the GPS history of the serve.


 Order pickups by text or through our website. They will be picked up the same day.

Flexible Costs

We charge a flat rate of $75.00 per serve for the Reno area and an additional $.70 per mile outside. Account level and volume pricing is always factored-in when tailoring a solution for each client. Discounts of up to 20% can be received with consistent volume accounts.  Additional discounts are available when combining our investigation services. 

Immediate Notifications

 Upon serving, we will send you a confirmation email or text indicating that the document has been served.  

To find out more about our process service, please send us a message!

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