COMMANDER 3400 Mobile Surveillance Unit


  • 36-Ft Deployment Height
  • 240,000- Lumens of Top Lighting
  • Solar and Generator Powered
  • Emergency Lights and Sound
  • Two-way Audio 
  • Axis IR PTZ Camera
  • Axis 360-degree Camera
  • Thermal Imaging Radar 640X512, 19mm Sensor
  • Gigabit Capable WiFi System
  • 4G/LTE Communications
  • Completely Automated
  • Rated for 120 mph Winds
  • 600-Watts of Solar
  • Gas Generator with 20-gallons of Storage
  • Lasts Several Weeks Without Fueling
  • Shore Power Capable
  • 24-hour Monitoring Included
  • Made in the USA

Proven Capability

Benefit from the latest technology to improve the safety and security of your operations.

Take Command of Your Site!

Only from Martin-Ross Unified Safety


Additional Capabilities

Distributed Point to Point Networking

The Commander is large enough to accommodate additional network infrastructure to provide site-wide distribution of network traffic. 

BLE Ready

BLE is one of the most exciting technologies to come around in a long time and the Commander is ready to host this fascinating new component.

IoT Capable

HTTP is the language of the IoT.  Our products are compatible within this new landscape and allow us to apply emerging technologies into our infrastructure.

Gigabit WiFi

It's one thing to send data from one place to another.  At some point you have to step outside.  The Commander can host some series WiFi equipment including a Gigabit Ring to disperse internet traffic over broad areas around your site.

Advanced Sensors

Advanced sensors such as Thermal Imaging Radar, Compact Radar as well as LiDAR provide us with geo coordinates for the detection and tracking of objects at extreme ranges with far more accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Our systems are capable of a lot more than just security.  With our technology, you can gain valuable insight into a number of important metrics such as traffic, attendance and crowd estimation, loitering, areas of interest and many others.


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