Unified Safety

We created Unified Safety after years of frustration relying on traditional ways of providing security services that simply are not effective.  3-patrol checks a day is not a solution.  Unfortunately, traditional ways of securing property and assets with humans is not cost-effective for most businesses.  In addition to these challenges, staffing positions has become critical in recent years across law enforcement, emergency services and security.  There simply aren’t enough qualified candidates showing interest in the field.  

Unified Safety fills in the gaps and provide a far more comprehensive program using live monitoring and response.  Welcome to the future. 

How it works

Through our Milestone Corporate video management software we can view thousands of cameras and servers worldwide. We program the sensors to alert our monitoring center when something aberrant occurs. We then dispatch safety specialists in less time than a typical law enforcement response. It unifies the entire monitoring and response matrix and provides an All-Eyes approach ensuring nothing is missed. Instead of sending people in blind, our safety specialists have the same view of the cameras and alarms inside of their vehicles. They are assigned properties or “beats”. Each beat may contain 5-8 properties with unified safety equipment. When an alarm comes through the laptop in their vehicle, the specialists can see what’s occurring before they even begin responding. Dispatch then keeps them informed during the response and acts as a second unit.


Our center can receive alerts from virtually any source including burglary and fire systems, lighting, HVAC, gas and liquid sensors and many others. From a single station, our Milestone software can provide:

Management of hundreds of sites

Integration with cameras and sensors

Remote operation of speakers and microphones

Advanced video and audio analytics

Remote access & operation of doors and gates

License plate and facial recognition

Integration with almost any network device

Unlimited views and configurations

A.I. and Deep Learning integration

Mobile app and web client views

We think it’s pretty cool which is why we actually have three Milestone stations with redundant network, power and server failovers. This ensures we are always connected.


It’s not just about technology. Unified Safety is a program that exists to save money, provide better results and add important analysis to your business. It effectively draws upon all aspects of layered security and makes use of UL approved hardware and electronics to maintain a risk-profile that can be appreciated by underwriters and carriers. 

It doesn’t stop there however. Each client is guided through a full-spectrum of risk-managing strategies including awareness building, active shooter survival, evacuation procedures as well as full policy manual creation, safety signage and many other critical elements. We leave nothing to chance.

Unified Safety starts with an assessment to establish your vulnerabilities. Once measured, we begin adding cost-effective solutions designed to provide you maximum safety, compliance, situational awareness, documentation, reporting and response.  

There are many ways to afford our products and services but Unified Safety can be provided as a monthly service meaning that much of the equipment and hardware can be built into a single monthly price. This makes affording it much more reasonable.  

What are you waiting for? Call Martin-Ross today and Unify your safety!

Our Humans

Simply Better

Unified Safety was created because there simply are not enough qualified people who show an interest in security and law enforcement.  The typical security guard duties are not attractive to many.   With that said, all of us have to work harder at recruiting and retaining good-quality employees.  We realized that the newest generation of specialists thrive on technology and automating once-laborious tasks.  They have to be kept interested and one of those interests is efficiency.  At Martin-Ross, the humans are the first-step in the Unified Safety solution.  We allow them to be creative and come up with better solutions according to the challenges they face.  We spend a large amount of time ensuring that our employees are trained to do the job and more-importantly understand their role in providing peace of mind.  With fewer people using more powerful tools, we can offer them better training, pay and benefits. 

Experience the difference with a company who really cares about their employees.

Our Milestone Corporate VMS

The Open Platform Solution

Milestone Systems XProtect is the most powerful video surveillance management platform in existence. No other program matches its capability, depth of programming and api integration. Milestone Interconnect provides us with the ability to scale the products and costs to match the need of the client without sacrificing quality. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 cameras, Milestone has a solution and Martin-Ross can help you make the right choice.


Milestone Systems offers an exhaustive list of products designed to provide critical intelligence to organizations of any size and in every landscape.

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Our Mobile Products


The Commander is our largest and most capable unit. At 36-ft deployment height, it can cover vast areas completely autonomously.


The Falcon 3100 is our medium-sized mobile unit with a 19-ft mast. It is functionally identical to the Commander but half the size.


StandPoint is a virtual guard designed to detect and alert. There is no limit to the possibilities.


AirPoint is the pole-mounted equivalent to StandPoint. It is designed to detect and immediately notify.


Our Milestone Corporate VMS station can view thousands of cameras all over the world. Patrol, Guards, Cameras and Monitoring


We have a 24-hour fleet maintenance team that keeps everything running smoothly.

Our Sensors


When optics, analytics and passive infrared only get you so far, we reach for more powerful tools.  Thermal Radar provides the ability to detect and vehicles, people and fire over very large areas.   This takes our already powerful technology and multiplies the range in most cases by a factor of five.


We use Axis products because they function flawlessly within Milestone, are highly durable, contain necessary communications for activation of lights and other devices, and also they are one of the forefront of IoT with an incredible line of network-based devices including cameras, thermal sensors, audio sensors, speakers, network radar and many others.


Compact Radar is another of our advanced sensors capable of large-area intrusion detection as well as drone detection.

Our Analytics


Agent VI savVi and innoVi products make cameras even smarter with Artificial Intelligence and behavioral analysis.


Axis introduced the World’s first network camera.  They offer a complete line of cost-effective analytics that load directly into their cameras.


Briefcam is a remarkable software capable of automatically classifying objects by color, size, direction, speed in a matter of seconds.  


Loure products provide accurate detection of gunshots and aggressive behavior. While cameras alert us to what can be seen, this technology expands into what can be heard.

Our Safety Products

We carry a full-line of safety products

Anchorman Device

This life-saving device is part of our Time Barrier list of products.

Window Security Film

Another useful and cost-effective product designed to prohibit entry even when the glass is shattered.

Safe Rooms and Ballistics

The affordable way to provide ballistic protection to your business.

Mass Notification

Provide critical notifications during emergencies to all of your employees with AlertFind.

Anti-Vehicle Protection