Security Services

Posted Security


Martin-Ross has well-trained specialists deployed at everything from daycare to big tech.

Patrol Services


No one matches our dedication to quality services.

Unified Safety


This is a revolutionary program we created to increase capability and reduce liability using layered solutions.

24-Hour Video Monitoring Services


Our 24-hour Milestone operations center will get you in touch with the right resources when you need them.

Our center features advanced video management and communications technologies that enable us to dispatch our specialists within a matter of seconds based on our priority dispatch protocols.

Communications Specialists play an integral role in our day-to-day operations. Policies and procedures are continuously reviewed with all CS staff through a continuing education program administered by our Director of Operations & Communications Supervisor.  

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Corporate Solutions


Unified Safety Training

From awareness building to active shooter training, 

we help prepare your business for uncertainty.


Threat Management

We provide our clients with a complete step by step 

process for dealing with workplace threats.


Assessments and Planning

Security and safety planning from conception to completion 

inclusive of technology and best-practices.

Fingerprinting Services


Martin-Ross is a full-service Live Scan vendor and can perform prints to meet any volume from one to one-thousand.  We can help you automate much of the process.

Investigations and Process Service


Automate the Process

Martin-Ross provides services for government and private industry including general and background investigations as well as process service.  We have completed thousands of investigations since 2003.

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Government Services

Process and Civil Support

Martin-Ross has been providing civil and criminal support services to agencies throughout Nevada for over a decade.

Technology Services

Martin-Ross can assist your agency with the deployment of critical surveillance technology and support services.

Inmate Services

We provide agencies with cost-saving inmate services designed to reduce overtime at hospitals and clinics. 

Our Electronic Reporting Advantage


We believe the best way to operate is by communicating efficiently with our clients.  Our reports are entirely online-based and feature business analytics so you have critical information at a glance over any period of time.  Our Destiny features allow you to see how many patrols, activity reports, incidents, violations, interviews, parking violations or other actions have occurred by hour, day, week, month, quarter, year or any other specified period of time.  This information is generated by automated task-management software that prompts questions for specialists in the field ensuring nothing is missed.  Among the feature-rich capabilities are:

  • Online customer portal 
  • Next day electronic reports, sent directly to your email
  • GPS tracking and waypoints for accountability
  • Business analytics and management
  • and much more...

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